Nueces County Water Control

This project is very special to us. The relationship started in early 2015 with a complete PLC retro fit of the wastewater treatment facility in Port Aransas after a system failure, then a complete re-wire of the same facility in 2017 after hurricane Harvey devastated the area. The relationship continued to grow in 2019 as Nyati Services was asked to engineer a request for quote in order to upgrade the out of date and partially destroyed SCADA system that control fresh and wastewater movement throughout NCWCID #4. Nyati Services also bid and was awarded the project through Urban Engineering.

Nyati Services designed the system, built the system, installed the system and implemented the system from start to finish through its skilled employees. The System consists of two valve and meter locations, three pump stations that gather and supply water to two water towers totaling close to two million gallons of fresh water. The system also includes nineteen lift station gathering wastewater throughout Port Aransas and moving it on to the wastewater treatment plant. All being monitored and controlled from a central server with remote capabilities. It has been a privilege and an honor to help service the city of Port Aransas.